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Does it seem like Everything turns into an argument? 

Do you feel like nothing

you've said is even being heard?

Are fights becoming more frequent?  


These struggles are common. 

They are shared among many of the couples I work with. 

It  can become so frustrating, and you might not know what to do to fix things, since it seems you've tried everything. 

My approach to couples counseling is backed by years and years of research. I use the Gottman Method to help couples change negative communication patterns, learn about how past hurts are impacting what's happening for them in their present arguments, and I help couples create lasting change. 

Marriage and long-term relationships aren't easy, but with help, you can have the relationship you've always dreamed of! 

Imagine a relationship free of constant arguments, free of animosity towards one another, where each of you feels understood. 

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I am available to meet with Couples in the office, or online. 

Do you need couples counseling? Here are some signs to help you decide.