types of therapy I offer:

Virtual Therapy is: 

  • Convenient - Connect and get the support you need no matter where you are 

  • Confidential - We use a HIPAA compliant program for online therapy 

  • Flexible - You no longer have to make it to the office to get support 

  • Easy - No need to download anything, just click and connect online, or by phone 

To schedule a virtual therapy session, click here or call (909) 226-6124


Traditional Therapy 

Sessions are held in the office at 10601 Church St., STE 124, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


To schedule, click here or call (909) 226-6124


Couples and individuals are seen in the office or virtually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The fee for each 60-minute individual or couples session is $175. 

The fee for each 90-minute Discernment Counseling session is $265.


I do my best to keep my work with clients separate from insurance companies. In doing so, I find that my clients are able to better reach their goals, and make more progress in therapy. Often times insurance companies dictate the amount of sessions that clients need, and how work should be completed.

I believe that these decisions should be made by the client and therapist. Insurance companies also require that we make a clinical mental health diagnosis, which I do not believe is necessary in order for treatment to be effective.

While I do not provide insurance billing, I can however provide you with a receipt which is accepted from some PPO insurances, and a reimbursement may be provided to you.

Not working with insurance gives clients the utmost choice and control over their healing process, and it gives me the ability to set lower fees, and to have more time to focus on clients, which is what I really love to do!


Appointments can be scheduled by calling Alicia Taverner, LMFT at (909) 226-6124

You may aslo schedule online by clicking here. 

After you select a date and time for your session, you will receive a phone call and email from your therapist regarding your appointment, and instructions to confirm your appointment. 

Once an online or office appointment hour is scheduled, you will be expected to be present unless you provide 48-hours advance notice of cancellation, or we both agree that you were unable to attend due to circumstance beyond your control. If it is possible, we will try to find another time to reschedule the appointment.

Unless we reach a different agreement, you will be responsible for paying your full fee for any session missed without the provision of a cancellation notice 48-hours in advance.