Reaching out for help is crucial

It is the difference between acting out of pure emotion, and pushing the pause button to find clarity.

While it may feel as though the walls are crumbling around you, and reaching out can sometimes be scary, clients who begin working with us at this point are able to push pause, catch their breath, sort through their pain, and make the best decisions about what to do next. 

Can my relationship survive this? 

You may be wondering if working with a therapist will force you to end your relationship, and we get this question a lot. Our role is not to make decisions for you, but it is to support you, and help you to come to the best decisions for yourself. All situations and relationships are different, and although there is no right answer, coming to your own answer is what is most important. 

Does my partner have to come to therapy too? 

We have worked with many individuals and couples who are struggling to cope with infidelity. Many times one partner calls for therapy, and comes to see us. In that initial phase, the focus is about getting through that gut-wrenching hurdle of emotion, processing it, and moving to a place of stability. 

Once stability occurs, it is time to decide to work on healing the relationship, or ending the relationship.

When one or both partners decide to end the relationship, therapy continues on an individual basis, and the focus is on healing and making positive choices about the future. 

When both partners wish to continue their relationship that is when we move to an intensive or couples counseling, and begin working towards healing and building trust once again.  

You can find a calm within the storm 

Although it is so difficult not knowing what the future holds for your relationship, taking the time to schedule an appointment and sort through your emotions can help you to find the calm within the storm and have a huge impact on the future of your relationship. 

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