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The couples expert podcast 


In this episode, Alicia also discusses:

  • Sexting and how it impacts couples

  • Infidelity and how she helps couples work through it

  • Why grieving needs to happen after infidelity

  • The different types of therapy and how attachment therapy varies from Alicia’s method

  • Why you have to look at what happened before in the relationship to cause infidelity

  • If you have a happy marriage, you won’t have to deal with infidelity

  • What makes a marriage “affair proof”

  • How to find out what you need from your partner to be able to move on

  • An affair is about far more that sex

  • Whether information about an affair should be disclosed

  • Why both parties contribute to the affair by the condition of the relationship that leads to the affair

  • Why you both have to be ready to do the work of repairing your relationship after infidelity

  • The surprising thing Alicia learned about herself while doing her work


Women in Depth Podcast

It was such an honor to be interviewed on the Women In-Depth Podcast with Lourdes Viado, PhD. For more info about the podcast go to:

What you’ll hear in this episode:

WID Episode 2.png
  • Why Alicia’s purpose in therapy has always been to help and support women

  • How her practice focuses on women and couples who are trying to “put themselves back together”

  • Statistics on extra-marital affairs: (they are more common than you think!)

  • The HUGE paradox in our beliefs and actions

  • The importance of the language we use surrounding infidelity

  • What is an “affair”?

  • The emotional impact

  • How women and men differ in their reactions to affairs

  • How a relationship becomes vulnerable to an affair


The Midori Verity Show

In this episode of the Midori Verity Show, we talk about: 

  • Overcoming infidelity in your marriage

  • How do you know if your relationship can survive after an affair

  • Tips on dealing with anxiety, grief, and pain caused by a cheating spouse

  • Realistic tools and honest insight into how to successfully deal with infidelity

If you are healing after infidelity or a relationship struggle, enter your information below and I'll be happy to send you my Infidelity guide and Healing from Heartbreak Journal Prompts as talked about in my interviews. 

These prompts will help you find clarity as you move through the healing process. If you could use more support, feel free to contact me at (909) 600-0306. 

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