Couples on the average wait 7 years too long to seek out the help they need to rekindle their connection.


That is an incredibly long time to be unhappy in your relationship! Couples then call me for couples counseling, and the #1 problem they say they have is communication, or lack thereof.

So even if you aren’t in the camp that’s been unhappy for far too long, but are interested in preventing those negative patterns from creeping up in your relationship, this is the ticket for you!

Maybe you’ve thought, “things aren’t bad enough to need counseling,” but you know you could use a tune-up, or you want to be proactive about keeping your relationship fresh.

I want to invite you to enhance your communication and connection - something that you won’t get from the regular dinner-and-a-movie-date. 


$125 might seem like a lot when you think of a night out, but lemme break that down for ya: 

Movie tickets for 2 = $40

Dinner for 2 at Lucille’s BBQ (appetizer, entrees, soft drinks and tip) = $80 --> I'm not even adding in a cocktail or two, just to keep down that bill! 

Date Night with a Difference
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As an additional support, childcare is available, and I'm picking up the tab for it! Two wonderful childcare workers will be available to keep an eye on your kiddos while you focus on enhancing your relationship, and enjoy your dinner! 

As an additional support, childcare is available, and I'm picking up the tab for it! Two wonderful childcare workers will be available to keep an eye on your kiddos while you focus on enhancing your relationship, and enjoy your dinner! 

Babysitting for the evening = $50

Coffee or ice cream for 2 after the movie = $15 (because you've got that sitter for another hour, so take advantage ;) )

And what if you were to add in a 1-hour couples therapy session to help you improve your communication = $145

Grand Total for this relationship enhancing evening = $330


You and your partner could sign up for Date Night with a Difference which includes dinner for 2,

a 2-hour communication enhancing workshop,

along with FREE childcare

and a FREE follow-up coaching call where I’ll check in with you personally and help you to trouble-shoot any lingering areas of contention that may not have been resolved after attending the workshop.

I can also tell you, you definitely won’t get the value you’ll receive from this workshop anywhere else.

Even after 2 couples therapy appointments, most of my couples don’t learn as much as they will from this workshop. Not because I’m not an awesome therapist, and not because they aren’t invested in the process, but because the back and forth dialogue and information gathering that it takes for me to do a phenomenal job with the couples I work with takes time.

This workshop is definitely not going to fix all the problems in your relationship, however communication and connection is a huge part of what couples learn to help them when they start working with me in couples counseling.

So think of it as fast-forwarding 4-5 sessions in couples therapy.

You’ll be that much more prepared to tackle any other issues that might be holding you back from having the relationship you’ve always wanted! 


Let's talk about the fab menu for this evening, shall we? (In case you didn't know I'm 7 months pregnant, and so food is one of my favorite topics these days!) 

Here is what our amazing chef will be cooking up: 

  • House mixed greens salad with choice of dressing
  • Choice of: Sliced tri-tip or BBQ chicken quarter 
  • Southern green beans
  • Garlic whipped potatoes 
  • House dropped biscuits with whipped apple butter 
  • Cookies for dessert
  • Choice of water, iced tea, or lemonade 

I've personally had the honor of chowing down on the amazing catering Etiwanda Gardens has to offer on several occasions, and I've never left unsatisfied!


So maybe you're thinking, "Ugh but I don't want to sit in a room with a bunch of other couples and spill my guts about our marital problems. I'll probably just minimize them anyway, and not really get anything out of this." 

Trust me, I know the feeling!

Workshops and seminars really aren't my favorite thing to participate in, and that's why I promise you,

I will not be putting you on the spot! I will not be asking you to role play, or do anything embarrassing in a room full of people!

I won't even ask for a "show of hands" and throw out rhetorical questions for everyone to join in on. That's not my style

What I will do is teach you how to find the best way to get your partner to actually hear you. I'll teach you how to truly hear them. I'll teach you how to be more loving to your partner in a way that suits both of you. 

I'll teach you and your partner about some of the biggest predictors of divorce, and how to avoid those. 

I'll also teach you about conflict in marriage and the best ways to reduce and resolve your conflicts. 

I'll do all of this while you remain in the comfort of your seat, eating your gourmet BBQ dinner,

and for the love of God, I will definitely NOT be reading word-for-word from a powerpoint that I could've just printed and sent you home with! (Totally one of my biggest pet-peeves!) 

So expect fun, laughter, and learning about ways you can improve your connection with your love - sans role-play, and sans boring powerpoints! 

You know how frustrating it is when you and your partner aren't on the same page? 

When it feels like you just can't communicate, and everything seems to turn into a big fight? 

When you feel disconnected and like you're not spending enough quality time together? 


Lack of communication is the #1 thing couples say they need help with, and that's why I'm extending a special invitation to all couples in the area to experience, Date Night with a Difference! 


  • 2-hour communication enrichment workshop

  • Upscale BBQ dinner for 2

  • FREE 20-Minute communication enrichment coaching call following the event

  • FREE childcare

Couples will leave this special date night feeling more connected, with the skills to communicate more effectively, and with an understanding of how to get more of what they really crave from their partner, and out of their relationship! 

You know you need a date night.

You know you want to connect.

You know you want to improve the communication in your relationship. 

Date Night with a Difference puts a regular date night into overdrive!

Dinner and a movie while the kids are with grandma is really nice, but it's not going to teach you the skills you need to make the improvements you really want in your relationship. 

Date Night (1).png
Date Night with a Difference
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Join us for this special evening by clicking "add to cart" and securing a spot for you and your partner (only 1 ticket needed per couple). Be sure to enter your children's names (if you need childcare), at checkout.

When: Friday, April 28th from 6:30-8:30pm.

Where: This event will be held on the beautiful grounds of Etiwanda Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga (map below). 

This evening includes a FREE bonus, 20-Minute Communication Enrichment Coaching call that will take place following the event to help you and your partner troubleshoot any lingering issues you might have following the workshop. 

Total value of this package is $443.00,

but pricing for this special Date Night is only $175.00 per couple! 

Don't miss your opportunity to jump-start the positive communication patterns in your relationship! 

Spacing is limited, and registration will close Friday, April 21st at noon. 


I hope you'll join me!