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Date Night with a Difference

You know how frustrating it is when you and your partner aren't on the same page? 

When it feels like you just can't communicate, and everything seems to turn into a big fight? 

When you feel disconnected and like you're not spending enough quality time together? 

I totally hear you!  Lack of communication is the #1 thing couples say they need help with, and that's why I'm extending a special invitation to all couples in the area to experience Date Night with a Difference!

This special evening includes: 

  • 2-Hour Communication Enrichment Workshop

  • Upscale BBQ dinner for 2

  • Free 20-minute communication enrichment coaching call after the event

Couples will leave this special Date Night feeling more connected, with skills to communicate more effectively, and with an understanding of how to support what they want more of in their relationship.

You know you need a date night.

You know you want to connect.

You know you want to improve the communication in your relationship. 

Date Night with a Difference puts a regular date night into overdrive!

Dinner and a movie while the kids are with grandma is realy nice, but it's not going to teach you the skills you need to make the improvements you really want in your relationship. 

Join us for this special evening by clicking "Add to Cart" below, and securing a spot for you and your partner (only 1 ticket needed per couple). 

Date Night with a Difference

Ticket for 2 to Date Night with a Difference. Includes 2-hour communication enhancement workshop, dinner for 2, and free coaching call. 

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