When trust has been lost and you have so many questions it can be hard to envision working through it just one week at a time.

Intensives are appropriate for couples who want to work through their hurts and get on the right path to recovering from infidelity.

Infidelity is devastating and it leads to so many questions - many of which can’t be answered in a regular, one hour session.

Mapping out a plan to work on rebuilding trust often takes weeks, and the thought of living with this hurt every day while you work through this process can be daunting, but an intensive can help speed up this process.

Intensives provide a dedicated space and time for having open discussion about the affair that doesn’t end in a shouting match.

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  • The ability to communicate openly and effectively through the hurt and pain

  • A detailed plan to reestablish trust in the relationship

  • A mutual understanding about ways to enhance your bond with your partner

  • Months worth of change after just one intensive


How it works:

  • Intensives are 8 hours and typically scheduled on Saturday or Sunday with lunch and snacks included

  • Couples meet with a couples expert who specializes in infidelity work and is dedicated to helping couples move through this challenging process

  • Couples take time before the intensive to complete an in-depth assessment so that their intensive is designed specifically for them  

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