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What am I doing in your inbox on a Friday? Well, I don't have a new blog post to share with you, but I do have some great articles and content that I've been busy contributing to and wanted to make sure you didn't miss out, and so I thought I'd put together this round-up with all the goodness in one place: 


Do you ever struggle with the thought of quitting and wonder what the right way to quit something might be? Check out this article, What is the 'Right" way to Quit and learn how to quit a relationship, a job, or anything else that might be begging you to throw in the towel. 

Seattle Bride Magazine

Getting married too young can lead to divorce, and getting married when you're too old or set in your ways can also cause problems, so what's the right age? Check out this article, and gain some insight about the best time in life to tie the knot.


There are so so many questions people have about starting therapy, and sometimes images from movies where the main character goes to see a therapist is the only thing they have to draw on. In this article, the writer does an excellent job of sharing what he wishes he had known, and what the experts want people to know about therapy and how it works, What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About How Therapy Actually Works. 

can't sleep insomnia

Having trouble de-stressing or falling asleep? Check out this video and learn the 4-7-8 Breathing technique that will have you drifting off the the land of nod in no time. 




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Wishing you a fabulous weekend, talk with you next week!