A Closer Look at Infidelity


Take a moment to think about how your life has been impacted by an affair. It might not have been you that cheated, or your partner that cheated, but I’m willing to bet that someone you know has either cheated or been cheated on. 

You might have seen a friend or family member’s relationship be torn apart after an affair. Or maybe you haven’t. Statistically, more people are staying together these days after an affair has happened, so chances are, you do know someone who has had this touch their lives, but they haven’t talked about it because they were busy getting help and working through it with their partner. 

But why do people cheat? What gets in the way or comes up for a person that causes them to stray and look outside of their relationship? 

I was so honored to have a conversation about all of these things with Dr. Lourdes Viado on her podcast, Women in Depth, and I wanted to share that discussion with you here: 


On the podcast we talked about how to define an affair, what the emotional impact is after an affair, and how men and women differ in their reactions to cheating, and so much more. 

I really hope you’ll check it out, and share it with your friends. You never know who is going through a tough time, and could benefit from hearing a conversation like this. 

Just in case, here is a direct links to hear the podcast: